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how do you make a game more dynamic, more true-to-life?

while watching legend of zelda: breath of the wild in the E3 demonstrations i was stuck several times by "stuff that makes you go wow" content.

aside from the gorgeous graphics, i was impressed by how much thought went into the physics, real-world logic, and how well the mechanics (foraging, cooking, exploring) tied into one another. it was new, but had classic elements of the earliest zelda games that fans old and new can appreciate.

another thing i noticed was that exploration was not only encouraged, it was highly rewarded. treasure chests, mushrooms, butterflies, and enemy drops were littered everywhere. activating magnetic powers revealed hidden items in seemingly useless ponds. climbable trees bore fruit and mushrooms that could be cooked in a pot near bokoblins. a giant rock monster springs into action without warning as you approach it--and defeating it rewards serious loot.

the programmers equally encouraged experimentation. item textures and placement hinted they could be manipulated... but how? the player has to find out. you're dropped into a world with vague directions and piqued curiosity. some obstacles are impossible to get around, but everything can be interacted with. even if you can't solve a puzzle yet you're sure with new knowledge, skills, or gear you're sure you can come back later. now you're motivated to discover more to get more out of the game..

these situations train players to stretch their imagination. the result? improved problem solving. if one method works, try another. there are so many solutions you may not realize until in-game conditions change. that's another element i'd like to point out: weather and day/night cycles. they have immediate effects on gameplay, rather than serving a superficial purpose.

there's so much more i can say about this new game that we've only seen snippets of so far. all i can say is, from what nintendo's teased i'm definitely intrigued.
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