an RPG for muslims where you help people.

now this isn't a new idea. someone reading this might scream "that's undertale!" minus the islam of course. i love the mercy mechanic in undertale. it's awesome. as a kid the emphasis on fighting every monster you encounter bothered me. even if you can run, you're encouraged to kill the enemy for loot.

now i can understand if you're fighting someone who's literally trying to destroy you, your people, and your way of life--but a blob of slime? really? why am i grinding these creatures to lifeless puddles? can't i do something else?

the story in video games always took precedent for me. even if it was a platformer where the gameplay's main focus is traversal and overcoming obstacles, i'd be thinking about the characters and the world they lived in, what it meant to be there in that moment. i'd see kirby jump on a warp star and go "what is kirby thinking right now? does he miss home? does he always ride stars around? why does he never stop to use the bathroom after eating all these enemies?"

(i know in canon there's literally another dimension in his stomach but that isn't really addressed in the games nor is it a narrative focus.)

it's funny. i refused to believe in such a shallow concept, such a shallow reason to do so much work. i mean seriously. cake? that's it? kirby chased a gang of rats across the world and atmosphere for a snack? he could call the police, head to the bakery, then be done with it. kirby helps people but it feels like he rarely does so with a conscience. i suppose that lack of narrative emphasis in platformers has a lot to do with these feelings but again. i like playing games where i'm learning something. mindless activity can be calming... but i want a little more substance. 

(again, i know in canon kirby is an infant but i'm trying to make a point.)

i know that level of ridiculousness is part of cartoons' appeal but eh. it's not very satisfying from my perspective.

maybe i don't want to make an RPG. maybe i want to make a visual novel/RPG hybrid. after all, i do love visual novels. but who knows. i want to make lots of games. i may or may not since i love spending time just sitting on my butt and thinking about games without pushing out more than a few lines of code HOWEVER i'm getting off track again.

an RPG (or VN RPG) where you help people, get rewarded for helping people, and feel like you're actually making a difference. a game you come away from believing there's more you can do to help people in the real world. a game that feels less like a sermon and more like an experience. a game that rocks you to the core.


so basically undertale. minus the monsters, plus the positive muslim representation and morals.



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